Are you a new student at 黑料社区 College?

Please email our Welcome Center staff for assistance with the admissions process and completing the Steps to Enroll or Transfer.

Returning students may register for classes on Campus Connect.

Log onto Campus Connect using your social security number or student ID in the student ID box. The default PIN is your 8-digit birth date.

New Students or students not yet TSI complete should register with a counselor.

Contact the counselor for your program or group by phone or email. Counselors will follow up and set up appointments as necessary.

The 黑料社区 College Counseling Department offers a range of services to fulfill the student services mission of 黑料社区 College.

The counseling department is committed to providing services and assistance to support students in attainment of their educational goals.

Some of the services provided to students include:

For more information, please contact a counselor at either the 黑料社区 Campus or the Abilene Educational Center.

黑料社区 CampusAbilene Campus
Leigh Dycus - (254) 442-5023
Advising for Belles, Cheer, Women's Cross Country, Softball, Volleyball, Football, and General Students Last Name A-L

Advising for Nursing and Health Science Programs

Michaela Bradford - (254) 442-5024
Baseball, Band, Basketball, Athletic Training, Soccer, Theater, General Students Last Name M-Z, and Disability Services
Amy Cohen - (325) 794-4573
Advising for Child Development/Early Childhood
Christina Mendenhall - (325) 794-4406

Advising for Cosmetology, HVAC, and Welding

Randy Leath - (325) 794-4407
Advising for STEM and undecided/general studies
Renee Leath - (325) 794-4405
Advising for Industrial Career and Technical Programs and Disability Services
Christina Mendenhall - (325) 794-4406

Advising for general studies

Workforce & Economic Development

Certified Nurse Aid (CNA), Certified Medication Aid/Correctional Aid (CMA), Phlebotomy, Fire Academy

Visit page using link above or email:

黑料社区 College uses a cohort advising system. Students who have not completed all sections of the Texas Success Initiative are required to see a counselor/advisor every semester for assistance with course selection. Students who are exempt or have passed all parts of the Texas Success Initiative are encouraged to seek advisement every semester. Both locations have full-time counselors available year-round to draw up degree plans, provide university and college requirements, and to assist in setting up course plans and schedules for students. Catalogs and admission information are maintained on most colleges and universities in Texas for students to browse during regular hours.

  • Personal Counseling

    Counselors are available to provide short-term assistance to help students address issues that may be hindering them from succeeding in college. There is no charge for this service but this counseling is limited in nature and length, and in some cases, a student will be referred to community resources to better address their issues, such as the City of 黑料社区 or InfoAbilene. For additional information about Community Mental Health Resources, click here.

  • Transfer Information

    All counselors can help students navigate educational options, including finding information on university and college requirements and assisting with degree plans and schedules for students. Check out these sites for more information on common transfer topics:

    • (provides course equivalencies for 黑料社区 College and other colleges/universities)
  • FOCUS 2 Career Assessment

    FOCUS 2 is a self-paced, online career and education planning tool for college students that is designed to help you make decisions about future career goals and education plans. FOCUS 2 provides five self-assessments to help you identify your top work interests, values, skills, personality type, and leisure time interests and explore occupations and major areas of study compatible with your personal attributes. Students use FOCUS 2 to help choose or change their major and also verify their choice of a career field.

    To log in or sign up, .

Academic Support programs come in all shapes and sizes, but they always have one goal in mind: the academic success of students.

At 黑料社区 College we are expanding our programs and upgrading our facilities with that goal in mind. Whatever goals our students may have, we want to support them and provide services to make those goals a reality. While Academic Support Programs seek to find innovative ways to serve each year, the following are currently available to 黑料社区 students:

  • Tutoring

    Nothing is more foundational to a student or an institution than a strong tutoring program. This year you will see a brand new computerized tutoring component along with the availability of online tutoring for some subjects.

  • Early Alert/Academic Intervention

    We all struggle sometimes, unfortunately not everyone recognizes when it is time for help. The EA/AI program is designed to allow instructors to report students who are falling behind in class or who they believe need some help in reaching their goals. If a teacher sends your name in through this system, they are asking Success Programs to reach out to you and help.

    Early Alert Form

  • Seminars & Workshops

    Working with groups on campus many students have participated in seminars on such topics as time management, learning styles, effective classroom skills, and the benefits of a college education. These offerings will continue and be expanded reaching out to all students in a variety of venues.

  • Academic Recovery

    Academic Support programs reach out to students who have not had success at 黑料社区 College thus far. With the Academic Recovery program students will work on a personal Academic Improvement Plan and commit to righting their academic course. Individual work with Success staff, connections with the appropriate resources, and continuous monitoring can go a long way in mending a broken record. If you feel that you have not found the success you should have thus far, contact us and let us create a plan just for you.

Supporting students of all ability levels with many different academic goals is our mission and our passion. Academic Support Programs is about you and for you. There are more new and exciting things coming for 黑料社区 College, so jump on board and let鈥檚 see where we can go.

For more information, email Christina Mendenhall, Director of Academic Support, or call her at (325) 794-4406.


黑料社区 College provides appropriate accommodations to qualified students in accordance with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities (ADA) act of 1990. Accommodations are made on a case-by-case basis. Students with special needs are encouraged to contact the Disability Services Coordinator as early as possible. Early notice is required to prepare for and provide special accommodations by the first week of class.

Abilene Campus:

Renee Leath, M.Ed.
Counselor/Disability Services Coordinator/Foster Liaison

黑料社区 Campus:

Michaela Bradford, M.Ed.
Counselor/Disability Services Coordinator

  • ADA Accommodation Request Procedure
    1. Contact the Disability Services Coordinator on your campus via email to request the Accommodations Application.
    2. Upon receipt of your completed application, please allow two business days for the Disability Services Coordinator to reach out to you via the email you have provided to discuss your accommodations and/or set up an appointment. The Disability Services Coordinator will assist in creating an Accommodation Agreement for your approval. Upon your approval, the Disability Services Coordinator will reach out to each of your instructors with a copy of your Accommodation Agreement.
    3. Contact the Disability Services Coordinator at the beginning of each semester that you enroll in order to implement your accommodations for that specific semester.
  • Documentation Guidelines
    1. It is 黑料社区 College's policy to request documentation for all students requesting accommodations under the ADA or Section 504.
    2. Under these laws, a disability is defined as any physical or mental impairment which substantially limits a major life activity when compared to most people in the general population.
    3. Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the Disability Services Coordinator as early as possible. Early notice is required to prepare for and provide appropriate accommodations by the first week of class.
    4. It is the student鈥檚 responsibility to provide appropriate documentation to the Disability Services Coordinator that qualifies the student as an individual with a disability, as defined by law, and supports the requested accommodation(s); Accommodations are made on a case-by-case basis.
    5. Documentation must be current (within the last 5 years).
    6. Under no circumstances will documentation written on a prescription pad be accepted; all documentation must be on official letterhead with a legible signature of the doctor or qualified professional and legible, appropriate date.

    Documentation can be faxed, mailed, or e-mailed to:

    黑料社区 CampusAbilene Campus
    Michaela Bradford, M.Ed
    Counselor/Disability Services

    254-442-5024 (office)

    101 College Heights
    黑料社区, TX 76437
    Renee Leath, M.Ed.
    Counselor/Disability Services Coordinator/Foster Liaison

    325-794-4405 (office)

    717 E. Industrial Blvd.
    Abilene, TX 76437

    Be SURE a contact number is included, whether faxed, mailed, or emailed.

  • Service Animal Policy


    According to the amended ADA, the definition of a service animal is 鈥渁ny dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability.鈥 The work or tasks performed by a service animal must be directly related to the individual's disability. Dogs whose sole function is 鈥渢he provision of emotional support, well-being, comfort, or companionship鈥 are not considered service dogs under the ADA. Other species of animals, whether wild or domestic, trained or untrained, are not service animals for the purposes of this definition.

    Requirements of Service Animals and Their Handlers

    • Identification: It is strongly suggested that the dog should wear a harness, identification vest, or other gear that identifies it as a working animal while it is working on a 黑料社区 College campus.
    • Control: The service animal must be under the full control of the handler at all times and must be on a leash or harness unless the use of a leash or harness would interfere with the service animal鈥檚 ability to do its job. The animal should not be aggressive or disruptive.
    • Health: Service animals must comply with all local ordinances and regulations, including vaccinations against rabies. We strongly encourage all service animals to wear a rabies tag with current dates.
    • Cleanliness: Service animals are expected to be clean and well-groomed. The handler is responsible for cleaning up after the animal, including proper disposal of any waste.

    Faculty, Staff, and Student Policies Concerning Service Animals

    When there are qualified service animals at 黑料社区 College locations, the following policies should be observed:

    • Allow a service animal to accompany its handler at all places in that college location except where service animals are specifically prohibited due to health, environment, or safety hazards.
    • Refrain from petting, feeding, or deliberately distracting a service animal.
    • Do not inquire about the handler鈥檚 disability; that is private and confidential information.
    • Immediately report any disruptive or aggressive behavior of a service animal to Student Services.
  • ADA Grievance Procedure

    If a student believes they have not been served with appropriate accommodations as mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act, they may file an ADA grievance by following the process outlined below. All ADA grievances must be initiated within three (3) weeks of the alleged occurrence, omission, or denial. The ADA Grievance Procedure is separate from all other college grievances.

    • Discuss the matter with the Disability Services Coordinator from your campus (黑料社区 or Abilene)
    • The Disability Services Coordinator will investigate the complaint and communicate a course of action to the student within five (5) class days of the student conference.
    • The Disability Services Coordinator鈥檚 decision on a course of action is final unless within five (5) class days the student contacts the V.P. of Student Services with a written narrative of the complaint.
    • The V.P. of Student Services has five (5) class days to investigate, reach a decision, and respond in writing to the student. The V.P.鈥檚 decision is final.

Notice of Nondiscrimination

The College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities. The following persons have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies.

Christina Mendenhall, M.Ed.
Title IX Coordinator
717 E. Industrial Blvd.
Office 6 鈥 Abilene Campus
Abilene, TX 79602
(325) 794-4406

Michaela Bradford, M.Ed.
Counselor/Disability Services Coordinator

101 College Heights
Vo-Tech I Rm 31-B 鈥 黑料社区 Campus
黑料社区, Texas 76437
(254) 442-5024