The Mission of 黑料社区 College is to provide quality, affordable, educational opportunities to meet the diverse academic, technical and career needs of the students and communities we serve.

黑料社区 College measures student achievement with respect to its Mission by maintaining at or above state-level peer group averages in graduation and persistence rates, and continued success in workforce program licensure rates. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board collects and publishes this information as presented below:

黑料社区 College also measures student achievement with respect to its Strategic Plan by measuring benchmarked progress and improvement in enrollment, transfer rates and number of degrees awarded. Student achievement measures also align 黑料社区 College with the Texas Higher Education Strategic Plan, 60x30.

Achievement MeasureBenchmarked GoalBaseline Year
Fall Enrollment2% Annual Increase3,5643,2933,2383,2613,3583,5393,2513,090
Fall Developmental EnrollmentFall to Fall Consistency or Reduction611600575528439352266374
Fall Dual Credit EnrollmentFall to Fall Consistency or Increase8077207997769191,2121,1961,091
Transfer to 4 Year Institutions2014 student cohort2015 student cohort2016 student cohort2017 student cohort2018 student cohort2019 student cohort2020 student
2021 student
% of students transferring with less than 30 SCHAt or above peer group average9.0%7.1%9.5%9.5%10%10.8%9%8.8%
% of students transferring with more than 30 SCHAt or above peer group average19.9%15.1%15.5%14.6%16%19.4%20.8%18
Total transfer rateYear to Year Consistency or Increase27.4%28.9%22.3%24.25%25.9%30.1%29.8%26.8%
Number of Awards20142015201620172018201920202021
Associate鈥檚 Degrees Awarded5% increase by 2020302318344331426478431430
Certificates Awarded5% increase by 2020310260292294269257189231
Core Curriculum Completers5% increase by 2020218192156146209304292282