Work Study

Work Study is a federal program through which eligible students may earn money to pay for part of their college expenses. Employment is on a part-time basis. Students are paid the current minimum wage rate, and work an average of 10 hours per week. Work Study provides jobs to students who demonstrate the highest financial need. A student must maintain at least six (6) credit hours and meet satisfactory academic progress standards to qualify. This program is only offered to students who are Texas Residents attending the regular fall/spring terms.

Student Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be a Texas resident
  • Enroll in at least half-time in a degree plan leading to a degree or certification
  • Complete a FAFSA application show financial need
  • Register with the selective service, or be exempt
  • Not be enrolled in a seminary or other program leading to ordination or licensure to preach for a religious sect or to be a member of a religious order

Apply for Work Study

  1. Contact the Office of Financial Aid for an application. Fill out the application, then print out and sign all necessary pages.
  2. Email back as a PDF attachment or bring into the financial aid office.
  3. You will need to provide your I-9 documents you choose to provide in person.
  • How do I sign up for Work-Study?

    Students interested in employment with the college must fill out an application for work study. Return the completed application to the Office of Financial Aid at Abilene & 黑料社区 campuses. When filling out application you will be asked to provide proper identification for the I-9 form which may include your social security card, a current driver鈥檚 license or passport.

    Questions regarding work study jobs may be directed to the Office of Financial Aid. Contact Katie Thompson at (254) 442-5150 or (254) 442-5153. Once awarded work study for the semester, your supervisor will then be sent your awarded hours and timesheets for you to begin work.

  • How many hours can I work?

    When you sign up and are approved for work-study, you are awarded a set number of hours. Your timesheet reflects how many hours you can work each month. You may not work over the allocated hours for the month. It may cause you to go over your awarded amount for the semester. We encourage you to work the full allotted hours each month.

    If you work less than 1/2 of awarded hours for 2 consecutive months, it is possible your award will be decreased and another work study be awarded the funds. THE HOURS THE STUDENT HAS ON THE TIME-SHEET CANNOT BE DURING SCHEDULED CLASS HOURS.

    Do not just put the same hours each day such as 鈥2-4 or 7-9鈥 every day and they just work whenever. You must document the actual hours they show up to work and it must not be during any class time. Also remember you cannot work during final exams.

  • Where do I turn in my timesheet?

    After you sign your timesheet your supervisor will turn in your timesheet to the Financial Aid Office on or before the due date. If you are on the Abilene campus please turn them in to the financial aid office as well. Please do not send them to any other office.

  • What day do I get paid on?

    Work study students get paid on the 10th of every month unless it falls on a weekend, then it is the Friday before.

  • Where do I pick up my paycheck?

    You will pick up your check in the business office. You must show a student ID or driver鈥檚 license/Picture ID to pick up check. If you would like your check mailed, please go by the business office and let them know where you would like it mailed. They will ask you to sign a form before it can be mailed to you.

  • How can I access my W-2?

Role as A Student Employee

By accepting a Work-Study (FWS) position, students become members of a department or agency that depends on them. Students should report to work on time, notify the supervisor when they will be late or absent, and dress appropriately for the work location (dress code should be discussed during the interview). When asking for time off, students should consider the employer鈥檚 needs as well as their own. In addition, some work study positions may require access to confidential information. Students will be asked to sign a confidentiality statement, a copy of which is maintained in the financial aid department. Abuse or misuse of such authorization is grounds for dismissal and other disciplinary action!
If a problem develops on the job, the first point of contact should be your supervisor. If the problem cannot be resolved the student should contact the Federal Work Study Specialist in the Financial Aid Office for resolution or possible further referral. Quitting a Work-Study job should be the last resort. There is no guarantee that the Work-Study award can be replaced with another type of aid or that you can secure another Work-Study position. Failure to follow expected policies and regulations may result in the cancellation of the Work-Study award and the loss of the Work-Study position. Acceptance of a position through Work-Study implies a commitment to the employer for at least one semester unless a prior arrangement is agreed upon.

Role as a Supervisor of Work Study

For a Work-Study program to succeed, supervisors must make certain commitments to student employees. The supervisor must work with the work-study employee to make sure that the job never conflicts with the student鈥檚 education. The student鈥檚 first responsibility is to obtain an education.
Supervisors are expected to adequately train students in their responsibilities and to provide helpful guidance as needed. While students may temporarily or occasionally perform duties that are normally those of a regular employee, it is against federal law to replace a regular employee with a work-study employee.
Once you accept the position the supervisor must email Marla White with your name & student ID to let us know you will be working for them.The supervisor also agrees to monitor the work-study student鈥檚 time sheet and to sign it at the appropriate time after the student has signed the document.
The Financial Aid Office provides a schedule of when time sheets are due and is listed above. The interview and other preliminary discussions should cover such areas as duties to be performed, the acceptable dress code, and scheduling.
The supervisor should of course, make certain that adequate work is available for the position and know that just as with any other employment, the wages must be earned. Supervisors also accept and acknowledge that any monies earned above the student鈥 original or adjusted Work-Study award is the 100% responsibility of the employing department.
If your student is 鈥渘ot there鈥 or 鈥渉asn鈥檛 shown up鈥 when timesheets are due, please contact the student to let them know it must be signed by them to received payment. If they do not show up to work and have not contacted you, please call our office and notify us so you can release them from duties, and we can replace them with someone else who will work. We always have several students waiting for a work study position that are eager and willing to work.
Do not let the students keep their own timesheets to carry around. Please designate an area, folder or tray somewhere in your department where they can keep them and check in and out with the supervisor. This avoids all the 鈥淚 lost my timesheet鈥 issues.
The Financial Aid Office MUST receive the timesheets by the due date and they need to be delivered by the supervisor not the student. You may put them in a sealed intercampus mail envelope and have student deliver if you are unable to.
If you are sending on the due date through intercampus mail, please also scan a copy to me to ensure I get it or it will be marked late and not be processed.
Abilene campus please turn in to financial aid counselors there and they will ensure that they are sent to the 黑料社区 campus where they are processed.