The 黑料社区 College Cheer Program is designed to help cheerleaders improve on existing skills and to learn more advanced skills. The program emphasizes proper technique prior to increasing the level of difficulty.

Practice time is divided between 4 major categories: cheers/chants, jumps, stunting, and tumbling. Athletic conditioning is worked in throughout each week. 黑料社区 College Cheer supports all of our athletic programs. The squad cheers at all home football, volleyball, and basketball games. To support the other sports, the squad attends games and cheers from the stands.

Why Cheer at 黑料社区 College?

  • Small student-teacher ratio
  • Affordable quality education
  • Small campus environment
    • Friendly atmosphere
    • Dormitory life
    • Small community
  • Small city close to bigger cities
    • 40 minutes from Abilene
    • 90 minutes from Fort Worth
  • Travel Opportunities

Scholarships are available! The amount awarded is based on experience upon entering the program.

  • Try-Outs

    A Wrangler Cheerleader candidate first and foremost must show a passion for cheer in their presence and attitude. A Wrangler Cheerleader should have a teamwork attitude and be willing to make decisions and sacrifices for the betterment of the Wrangler Cheer Team. Our team expects and nourishes a work ethic that each team member will carry out into the real world after college.

    We are so excited that you have taken the first step to becoming a Wrangler Cheerleader. Thank you for visiting our audition page and we look forward to meeting you in the near future. Good Luck!

    Spring Try-Out Dates

    • March 7, 2024 - 10:30 AM
    • April 4, 2024 - 10:30 AM


    Types of Auditions Available

    Senior Day
    Wrangler Cheer auditions are held each year during the early spring and early summer. We offer three different ways to audition for our team. The first one is a basic one-day audition that is typically called "Senior Day". Senior Days are normally set during the spring semester on a Monday to accommodate candidates that need to travel. At this audition, you will have the opportunity to tour the campus, visit with financial aide, counselors, and participate in a Question/Answer session with the director personally before the audition that normally takes place after lunch. During this particular audition, you will need to bring a dance of your own that highlights your strengths as a dancer.

    Small Group
    Auditions will be held during summer months in June and July. You will need to bring a dance of your own that highlights your strengths. Tours are available to view our campus, but you must set up your tour in advance with Student Life. Candidate should be prepared to execute technique across the floor and learn a kick sequence. After completing the audition, scholarships will be awarded.

    Individual Auditions
    Prospects may schedule an individual audition that is convenient for the prospective Cheerleader and Director. Contact Wrangler Cheer Director for more information about Individual Auditions. Once again, prospect must bring a dance of their own and be prepared to execute technique and learn a kick sequence.

    Lastly a candidate may submit a video. This form of audition is discouraged unless you are from out-of-state or you have unusual circumstances. All video submissions must be discussed with the director for approval.



    • Chant and dance: taught at tryout, performed, and evaluated
    • Tumbling will be evaluated
    • Stunts will be executed
    • Jumps: toe touch, pike, double toe
    • Attire: appropriate cheer attire with cheer shoes


    • Not required to dance or perform cheers - only accent cheers
    • Tumbling: standing back handspring or better, running back handspring or better/not required but suggested
    • Stunts: Stunting skills will be evaluated
    • Attire: workout shorts and t-shirt
    • Wrangler Cheer Men will be expected to accent cheers and tumble if they have the skills. No Dancing/Cheering are required! Stunting skills must be learned and executed!

    All Cheerleader prospects must bring:

    • Three letters of Recommendations...Faculty, Administration, cheer or dance coach or another source from your high school.
    • Wear Cheer Attire!
    • Females need to bring a home cheer and dance of your choice.
    • Fill out prospect form and add on the bottom which date you choose to try-out. Coach needs to be notified before try-out by prospect form, email, or telephone.
  • General Requirements
    • Acceptance to 黑料社区 College
    • 2.0 GPA
    • 12 hour minimum course load
    • NCA camp attendance (dates available on )
    • Pre-NCA camp attendance at 黑料社区 College (dates to be mailed out)
  • Monetary Requirements
    • NCA camp cost (cost varies)
    • $300 fee that all squad members must pay (cost covers shoes, camp wear, warm-ups, bags, etc)
    • Fundraising events

Interested in joining the Wrangler Cheer Team? Fill out the form below!

Jenna Wood, Head Cheer Coach