The 黑料社区 College Veteran Services Office is dedicated to supporting military service members and their families in achieving their educational goals. We provide assistance throughout the entire process, from applying for benefits to the completion of certification. You can count on us to be there for you at every step.

  • General Checklist for 黑料社区 College Veterans using VA Benefits
    1. to 黑料社区 College.
    2. Submit the required documents for admission. (transcripts, shot records, etc.)
    3. Apply for Financial Aid at . (optional)
    4. Apply for your VA benefit at .
    5. Talk to a college counselor about your degree plan and courses.
    6. Register for class online through your Campus Connect account. (Link at the top left corner of website)
    7. All students using VA Benefits must submit the VA Enrollment form every term with the Office of Veteran Services. Certifications will not be processed until the VA Enrollment Sheet has been received.
    8. New students using VA Benefits must have all required paperwork completed and turned in to the Veteran Services Representative before completing an enrollment request.
    9. Required paperwork:
      - VA Information Sheet
      - Certificate of Eligibility, VA will mail this to you or you can login to and download it.
      - -
      - Complete Standard of Progress form.
    10. Tuition Deferment Request for Eligible Texas Veterans and Their Families
    11. Benefit Comparison Chart
  • Apply For Education Benefits

    You will use the VONAPP if you are a U.S. military veteran, a service member on active duty, a member of the Selected Reserve, a spouse/dependent of a "service connected" disabled or deceased veteran, or a family member that has been approved to receive transferred benefits. If you have previously filed a claim for education benefits, use VONAPP only if you are filing for a different education benefit or if you are changing schools or programs under your current benefit program; for example, if you are eligible for two benefit programs, currently using one, but would like to begin using the other benefit program. If you have a pending application, don't use VONAPP to resubmit your claim. It will slow down processing. If you would like to know the status of a pending claim, contact the Education Division by calling 1-888-GI BILL 1 (1-888-442-4551).

  • GI Bill庐 Chapter Information
    • Ch30 鈥 OR Call the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telephone line at 1-877-823-2378.
  • Military Personnel Records

    In order to request copies of military records visit:

  • Hazelwood

    administers a state benefit entitled the Hazlewood Act. Eligibility for Hazlewood is determined by the institution granting the exemption. Students who qualify under the Hazlewood Act are exempted from paying tuition and required fees, provided such students are enrolled in state-funded courses. Examples of courses which do not qualify for the Hazlewood exemption include CNA classes. The exemption is based on the hours you are enrolled in, and not the amount of the tuition itself.

    For additional information, contact the Financial Aid Office.

  • My Career Advancement Account (MYCAA)

    The assists military spouses in furthering their education. The scholarship can be used to pursue licenses, certificates, certifications or associate degrees. Eligible spouses can receive up to $4,000 in tuition assistance.

  • Degree Plans

    According to the Veterans Administration, every student enrolled at 黑料社区 College must follow a 黑料社区 College degree plan to receive their benefits. Every semester we recommend that you visit a counselor who will assist you in selecting the correct degree plan to ensure that the classes you are taking for transfer will be covered.

  • Developmental Courses

    The VA will pay for developmental courses only if the student has taken the placement test and the resulting scores must indicate a need for developmental education.

  • Student Responsibility

    Each semester that you register for class, it is your responsibility to tell the Veterans Services office that you are ready to be certified. Failure to let the office know will result in your classes not being certified and you risk being dropped for the semester. Please call 325.794.4465 or email or stop by my office when you register for class.

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