Success Links

The following sites and resources are suggested by 黑料社区 College faculty. Content or ideas that may be presented do not represent 黑料社区 College.

All students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of Upswing Tutoring. It's free, online tutoring with live, credentialed tutors in all subjects offered on-demand and by appointment!

  • Math Assistance

    1. Math tutoring (West Texas A & M)

    2. Use the guide bar at the left to find the specific math course you need help with and you'll find services and tutorials and practice
    3. This is a good general site that is usually associated with English but has math help, too!
    4. Provides a range of math links to assistance for all levels of math
    5. Assistance and exercises for improvement in algebra
    6. Exercises for math and free online tutoring available

    7. Create your own worksheets for practice and additional resources for many levels of math including basic algebra
  • English Assistance

    Visit the 黑料社区 College Writing Center course for information about tutoring, as well as helpful grammar, writing, and formatting resources. You can learn more about the Academic Voice, writing Thesis Statements, using MLA format, and more!


    A thorough breakdown of all the rules and guidelines for using commas, semicolons, and more.


    Find helpful explanations of all stages of the writing process, research guides, explanations of plagiarism, formatting guides (APA, MLA, Chicago), help with subject-specific writing, and more.


    Visit the UNC Writing Center page for thorough guides to building thesis statements, writing well-developed paragraphs (including introductions and conclusions), crafting clear and correct sentences, building specific types of writing assignments (such as Annotated Bibliographies, literature reviews, and more), and writing for specific fields (such as history, sociology, the sciences, and more).


    Click on the "Citing Sources" and "Writing and Research" links at the top of the page to access help for using MLA format.


    This in-depth and structured resource explains how to paraphrase, directly quote, and format your essays according to APA style conventions.

  • Research Assistance
    1. 黑料社区 College Library Online Databases
    2. Online Encyclopedia Britannica

    3. Online dictionary
  • General Study Assistance
      Broad assistance with study tools, time management, learning styles, & other success topics

    2. General study guide site with many, many helpful strategies
      Academic success sites listed here (U of Indiana)

    4. Tips for better grades

    5. Calculate your GPA here with the online calculator

  • Science Assistance

    Quizzes and review for general chemistry courses (Frostburg State University)

  • Choosing a Major/Career
    1. Check out the resources provided by 黑料社区's Career Services Coordinator.

    2. Choosing a major
    3. What are the benefits of a college education?
  • Non-Traditional Student Issues

    1. Nontraditional students face many challenges; this site has some helpful tips

    2. Advice on improving memory and recall of information

    3. Frequently asked questions of adult learners returning to school
  • Distance Education / Online Students

    Check out the success resources and learning tools on the Student Resources page!